Sunday, March 26, 2000

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Our 'kiwicatholic' e-mail forum has a good write-up in NZC's Net Scene column today, so we may hear a few new voices in the coming days.

On the paper's Web site ...

'Tauranga celebrates 160 years of history'
History was re-enacted on the waterfront at Tauranga this month in the form of an emotionally-charged Mass which attracted hundreds of Catholics. The March 5 Mass, one of Hamilton diocese’s Jubilee pilgrimage events, celebrated the arrival of Bishop Jean Baptiste Francois Pompallier to Tauranga 160 years ago, direct from the Bay of Islands where he had been present at the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. Photos of local children in period costume (a must-see). Links to Hamilton Diocese's Jubilee Page .... Tauranga's St Mary Immaculate Parish

'Futuna and chapel in tender process'
The Society of Mary is considering tenders received for the purchase of the Futuna Conference and Retreat Centre in Karori, Wellington, including its internationally-renowned chapel. Photo. Links to the Society of Mary ... Wellington City Council's building heritage page about Futuna Chapel

'Anglicans, Catholics share ashes'
Anglicans and Catholics shared cathedrals, churches, choirs and ministers for Ash Wednesday liturgies to begin the lenten season. Reports from four dioceses. Photo. Link to a daily calendar of meditation, prayer and action for Lent.


I hope it's no coincidence that visits to the bishops' Web site are well up on the weekly average during the Pope's Holy Land pilgrimage. No way of knowing for sure, but I would *like* to believe one of the reasons is the Jubilee News and Events page - - which I have been updating every day during the pilgrimage.

On the current News & Events page you will find links to print, audio and video reports of Pope John Paul's visit to Nazareth yesterday, the Mass on the Mount of Beatitudes the day before and the Pope's visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial.

That historic visit to Yad Vashem woke up a few characters in the public religious affairs forum (Newsgroup) 'nz.soc.religion' to the fact that something was happening in the Holy Land. As a result of a few exchanges I put together a Web site bibliography on the Catholic Church and the Holocaust which I have attached below this message.


A number of school Web sites have opened in recent weeks. Links to them all are on the 'What's New' page of the bishops' Web site at

The latest issue of the Edmund Rice Family Newsletter is on-site at:

I have had a note from Margaret Jefferies (whom I don't know personally) about a forthcoming seminar called 'Spirit at Work in New Zealand' scheduled for Friday 27th - Sunday 29th October 2000 in Christchurch.

Its topic is : "Building workplaces that capture the hearts of those who work within them, where the whole person is valued and enabled to contribute to their full potential, thus connecting and contributing to the whole of life ... where open communication, sound values, spiritual awareness, compassionate leadership, a sense of purpose and community, interconnectedness, creativity, personal responsibility and enjoyment are explored to enhance all life and uplift organizational synergy and productivity ..."

For more information drop a line to Margaret at: PO Box 237 LYTTELTON Ph 03 328 9260 Fax 03 328 9261 Email:

I think that's it for this week. The bibliography on the Church and the Holocaust follows, four lines down.

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Mike Leon 'kiwicatholic' list manager


The definitive study of the Catholic Church's response to the Holocaust is Pinchas Lapide's 1967 book 'Three Popes and the Jews'. It is extensively quoted in: 'Catholic Heroes of the Holocaust'

The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial's pages commemorating the Pope's visit carry several accounts of Catholic rescuers.

'Holocaust Heroes': The role of the Churches in saving Jewish victims of persecution

'The Church and the Jews in the Third Reich', by Lothar Groppe SJ Catholic resistance to Nazi persecution of the Jews, compiled in part from contemporary German sources.

The Francis and Jacob Hiatt Collection of Holocaust Materials: 'Catholics and the Holocaust'. Articles.

Pope Pius XI's Encyclical Letter 'Mit Brennender Sorge' (1937) -actually authored by Eugenio Pacelli (Pius XII) - called the racist nationalism of the Nazi regime a perversion, reminded the German Catholic faithful that Jesus was a Jew and called on them to resist the regime to the death.

Pius XII's Encyclical Letter 'Summi Pontificatus' (published October 1939, just after the Nazi invasion of Poland) condemns racism and the substitution of the Fatherland for God