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'NZ CATHOLIC' - Issue 291, May 18-31 2008

ssue 291, May 18 - 31, 2008

Dominicans were warned about anti-war action ... Pill plan condemned for
several reasons ... Dunedin honours priest jubilarians ... Feedback sought
on priests' clericals ... Caritas pledged $64,000 for cyclone relief work in
Myanmar ... Christchurch Catholic radio goes into recess ... Govt attitude
to suicide book described as incongruous ... Wanganui St Mary's auction
raises $16,000 ... Pro-lifer drops plans for entry into politics ...
Organiser says remit not meant to be anti-Catholic ... Colleges farewell
long-serving staff ... Silver anniversary for NZ Catholic feature ... From
DP to rector of church ... 56 days to World Youth Day 2008 ... ERO File ...
Success celebrated at graduation

Catholic peace group says it's proud of spy-dome action ... Mixed reaction
to raid ... Ploughshares takes name from Isaiah ... Master calligrapher's
Bible "is a work for eternity" ... Preparing our hearts and minds for the
celebration of Mass: Introduction to Module Three of Worshipping under
Southern Skies ... PNG missionary takes a break after 28 years in a hard
field ... Dove gathering in Taupo launches retreat series ... Brother's long
service to chaplaincy recognised ... Auckland impresses two WYD men from

Ronald Rolheiser: Hatred and the Gospel ... Brendan Malone: Grand Theft Auto
represents a culture in crisis ... Thomas Rosica: "Peter was among us" at
the White House, at Ground Zero and at Catholic institutions ... Editorial:
Good cause, but criminal act regrettable ... Malcolm Evans ... Letters

Catholics in China pray for blessing on Games ... Swiss respect "dignity" of
plants ... Ex-mayor criticised over Communion ... Liturgical renewal is
"irreversible" ... The Pope: "Healthy" laicism observed in US ... Saddam's
deputy on trial ... Conflict in Japan ... No reconciliation ... Ballooning
priest lost at sea ... Lack of will causing food prices rises, says Vatican
... Cardinal urges Anglicans to identify their place ... Universities told
to live Faith ... Records closed to Mormons ... Bishop bans non-Mass
Communion ... Pope calls for largesse, mercy for Myanmar ... Italian mum
dies to save her baby ... In Brief

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Caritas Reaching Those In Need In Burma/Myanmar
Press Release: Caritas Aotearoa 13-05 16:47-2008
Catholic aid agency Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand is working through Catholic
Church partners on the ground in Burma/Myanmar to ensure aid gets to people
who need it...

Making Poverty History Message Must Be Heard
The messages carried by the historic Make Poverty History petition that was
delivered to Parliament one year ago today - 15 May - must continue to be
heard, says the New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services (NZCCSS)...

School evacuated after "volcanic eruption" (photo)
Ruapehu Press
Last Tuesday, the noise of a helicopter and the sounds of the fire engine,
ambulance and police car converged on St Patrick's Catholic School ...

Tears flow as Wyndham identity returns (photo)
Tears of joy were shed at the Wyndham cemetery yesterday as Teddy Traynor
was reunited with his beloved wife Annie on the day, 100 years ago, they
were joined in matrimony...

End nigh for St Brigid's
St Brigid's Catholic church in Feilding, built in 1925, is to be demolished
to make way for a new building, more suited to today's liturgical

Simple life stands out at 100 (photo)
Kath O’Neill has many happy memories collecting shellfish on the beaches in
the Hokianga where she grew up. Certainly stocks were more plentiful when
the Henderson Valley resident, who has just celebrated her 100th birthday,
was a child in rural Panguru...

Obi-Wan is my brother
The Catholic church has made its peace with the Jedi, ET and those reptilian
chestbusters from the Alien movies. At least in theory, writes The Southland
Times in an editorial...

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Websites, but can be read at the public library]

Sex scandal awaits trial
Manawatu Standard â€" News â€" 15 May 2008 â€" Page 1
The Government is refusing to release a report detailing claims Hato Paora
College was warned not to employ former principal Tihirau Shepherd, who is
set to stand trial on sex charges...

Joyful mystery, by Bill McKay
Architecture New Zealand, Mar/Apr 2008; n.2:p.62-63
Abstract : Examines the architecture and artwork of St Joseph’s Catholic
Church in Grey Lynn, nearly fifty years after it was built.

Myths and miracles, by Sarah Catherall
Dominion Post, 10 May 2008; p.E1-2
Abstract : Considers the differing views over the validity of the Christian
and Muslim tenet of the Virgin Birth of Mary, asking various people their
opinion. Talks to John Dew (Catholic Archbishop of Wellington), Mark Bull
Allen (member Destiny Church), Margaret Mayman (Presbyterian minister),
Kerry Prendergast, Jayed Khan (President, Federated Islamic Associations of
NZ), Richard Randerson (Anglican bishop), Gordon Copeland (Catholic MP), Jim
Veitch (Presbyterian minister, New Testament scholar), Ian Harris (religious
columnist), Kate Harcourt, Greg Dawes (religious studies lecturer), and Paul
Morris (religious studies academic).

A lack of reason and logic
The Dominion Post 15 May 2008 Page: 14
It’s very disappointing that Graeme Davidson (Religion and Ethics, May
10-11) cannot put reason and logic ahead of permissive ideology. It’s also
disappointing that he chooses disingenuously to confuse Catholic Church
moral law with papal opinion. He...

Believe the Creed wholeheartedly
The Dominion Post 15 May 2008 Page: 16
I read your feature on the Virgin Birth with interest (Long Weekend, May
10-11). I was professor of religious studies at Otago University from
1992-2005. It’s a basic postulate of religious studies that all religions
are treated with equal empathy and...

Anti-miracle brigade is fading
The Dominion Post 15 May 2008 Page: 16
What on earth prompted you to select a largely biased group to comment on
the doctrine of the Virgin Birth (Long Weekend, May 10-11)? Only one
denominational leader was chosen. Where were the others and scholars or
someone from the New Zealand Bible...



'Angel in the City'
John 3:16-18: a reading and discussion with Suzanne and Fr David Kennerly in
the hall of St Mary of the Angels, Wellington



Blogs about Catholic life in New Zealand, sponsored by 'NZ Catholic'
newspaper. Some recent topics ...

Mary and the month of May ... Report from Rwanda ... Catechising young
people ... Seriously bad Catholic liturgy (video) ... Catholics and US
politics ... Happy Mother's Day



World Youth Day
Sydney, 14-20 July 2008


Analysis and commentary by John R. Allen

Atheist scholar is ally (with reservations) in Benedict’s fight against
Ever since his famous warning about a "dictatorship of relativism" shortly
before his election three years ago, Pope Benedict XVI has been trying to
kick-start a global conversation about truth. In particular, Benedict yearns
for a new look at truth within the Western secular academy, that exotic
region where Jacques Derrida’s relativist maxim "there is nothing outside
the text" has, ironically, achieved the status of a near-absolute. This
weekend, in the enchanting Alpine setting of Lugano, Switzerland, a
cross-section of prominent Western intellectuals is taking up the papal


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