Sunday, December 7, 2008



New Zealanders of the Year: Patrick Kelly, specialist Paediatrician
You'll most often find Patrick Kelly at the Starship Children's Hospital
trying to put back together children who have suffered horrific abuse at the
hands of those who are supposed to love them the most. Sometimes the
injuries are so severe neither Kelly nor his colleagues can fix them...

Spreading the message on rubbish
New Zealand's Catholic Church is focusing on the environment, spokeswoman
Lyndsay Freer says. Direction has come from the top, with Pope Benedict XVI
issuing instructions for a greener Vatican, and for solar panels to be
installed on the Vatican roof...

Bound to make an impression (photo)
The Bay Chronicle
An exhibition of stunning mezzotints by artist Maria Martin-Smith will be on
display at Pompallier Mission from November 28 ...

Tui's `offensive' billboard takes a hasty flight
A beer billboard that offended many Christian groups is coming down almost
as quickly as it went up...

Knitting nanas
Howick and Pakuranga Times\

Growing up in an era when people spent their evenings knitting and sewing
has instilled Cassie Moody with the skills to help hundreds of South
Auckland babies. The South Auckland Health Foundation graciously receive the
beanies, bonnets, jackets, booties and blankets she and many other similar
folk have knitted for so many years that Mrs Moody can’t remember exactly
how many...

Kids relish round the bridges (photo)
These road runners from St Peter's Catholic school recently got a just
reward for all their hard training ...

SADD funds used to stage drunken party
Drunken teenagers at a party funded by a high school's anti-drink-driving
group have trashed a rural Southland hall. Bottles were thrown at passing
cars and into a children's playground during the out-of-control party,
organised by high school pupils using money from the St Peter's College SADD
(Students Against Driving Drunk) committee, last Friday...

Arson destroys reading room at Christchurch primary (photo)
Christchurch police are investigating an arson at a St Teresa's Primary
School in Riccarton...



'Mary Potter 161 years later'
Sr Mary Scanlan talks to Gay Robertson and Chris Murphy on the the staff of
the Mary Potter Hospice.

'Cleaning up our lives'
A reading and discussion of Mark 1:1-18 with Rev Jenny Wilkins and Rev Dr
Eleanor Sanderson at St Paul's Cathedral, Wellington.



A series of four video interviews with Sister Cushla of the Christchurch
Carmelites, an enclosed, contemplative religious order.



Blogs about Catholic life in New Zealand. Some current topics ...

"All this fresh air is making my hair move and I don’t know how long I can
complain." (on holding a blessing of the sick during Mass) ... Solidarity
and subsidiarity (solidarity and subsidiarity in Catholic social teaching)
... "Praise and Worship� Music in Church" (on Contemporary Christian music
in worship) ... Prepare ye the way (on purgatory) ... Musical Bites (the
Vatican and the Beatles - the movie 'Young at Heart)



'Marist Messenger' - December 2008

NZ Catholic Education Office newsletter 'Lighting New Fires' (with Catholic
schools' Supplement) - November 2008

Christchurch Diocese newsletter - 'Inform' - December 2008

Marist Brothers' Marist Family newsletter - December 2008

Tui Motu InterIslands magazine - November 2008

The New Zealand Society of Eucharistic Adoration newsletter - September 2008

St Columban's Mission Society magazine 'The Far East' - November-December


ALL THINGS CATHOLIC, by John L. Allen, Jr.

Vetting possible ambassadors to the Holy See
One hallmark of emotional maturity is a capacity to distinguish between the
satisfying thing to do, and the smart thing to do. The clamor in some
circles for the Vatican to exercise its prerogative under international law
to say "no, thanks," should President-elect Barak Obama try to name
Pepperdine University law professor Douglas Kmiec as his ambassador to the
Holy See, offers a case in point...


WORLD NEWS OF THE CHURCH (Regularly updated) (video)



'Hearts Aflame' Catholic Summer School
9-18 January 2008
St Bede's College, Christchurch



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