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New Zealand Catholic Church admits 38 sexual abuse cases and offers apology *******************************************

"Catholics lift secrecy veil on sex abuse " NZ Herald 22.06.2002\ bsection=general The Catholic Church in New Zealand has revealed that 38 confirmed cases of sexual abuse have been committed by men in its ranks. Bishops from the country's six dioceses told the Weekend Herald that committees set up in the early 1990s to deal with sexual abuse complaints had substantiated 38 claims going back to the 1950s....

"Judgment day for nine black sheep of the faith " NZ Herald 22.06.2002\ D=2048019 The following nine priests and brothers have gone before the courts charged with sex offences since 1990. Others have been investigated by the police and no further action taken, or dealt with internally by the Catholic Church....

"Exorcising demon priests who sin " NZ Herald 22.06.2002\ bsection=general Broken and dangerous men in need of repair, they fly across the Tasman in search of healing. A ride through the suburbs of Sydney takes them to the leafy grounds of a private psychiatric hospital. This is where Catholic brothers and priests have been confronting the demons that have troubled them and stirred the entire church.... [The article concludes with details of abuse compensation payments by three religious orders]

"Scandal in the Church " (Editorial) The Press (Chch) 20 June,1008,1241069a1937,FF.html The extent of the contagion of sexual abuse that is sweeping the Catholic Church is shown by Press reports today and yesterday.... This emphasises the reality that the scandal is far from occurring commonly only in the American and Australian churches, and that it is being poorly handled....

[The next four reports all refer principally to abuse at the former Marylands Residential School in Christchurch staffed by St John of God Brothers]

"Sex abuse victim paid $95,000" Otago Daily Times 22-June 2002\ ct=0621437193&type=html&WORDS=catholic&DB=Editorial A Christchurch man has been paid nearly $95,000 by a Catholic order for sex abuse he suffered at the city's Marylands boarding school in the 1970s. Several more people have emerged to tell their stories and seek justice from the St John of God Order at the centre of the escalating transtasman sex scandal....

"Five abused claim $300,000 paid in secret deals " The Press (Chch) 20 June 2002,1008,1241075a11,FF.html Four Christchurch brothers from a troubled Catholic order have had sexual and physical abuse claims made against them, for which the church has paid out $300,000 in secret deals.... ["The church" in this case means the St John of God Order. ML]

"Hush money for Sex Abuse" (video report) TVNZ: The Holmes Show Wed June 19 [Interview with Patrick who, as a schoolboy, was abused by a St John of God Brother. In 1999 he was paid compenation by the Order subject to a confidentiality agreement. The report includes comments by Catholic Communications Director Lyndsay Freer.]

"Abuse victims urged to speak out" TVNZ: One News 20 June 2002,1227,110042-1-7,00.html [Includes a related video report, linked at the bottom-right of the print report]

"The other side" (Readers' comments) Stuff/INL 19 June 2002,1008,1240976a4621,FF.html (full text) I would like to make a brief comment for the sake of contributing to a balanced view of whether or not Catholic priests and brothers are sexual abusers. I spent five years (1978 to 1982) at a Catholic high school (St Johns College, Hastings) and never had an experience of even a slight inclination of being "inappropriately approached" or never heard of anything untoward happening to my fellow students. Just putting in a true word for the honest, hardworking priests and brothers that taught me so well. - Chris Burke



'NZ Catholic ' No 139, June 16, 2002

"Lay mission service closing after 39 years" After 39 years, New Zealand's Catholic Overseas Volunteer Service is to be closed....

"Award acknowledges Terry Scott's work" Terry Scott, a parishioner of St Pius X parish, Melville, was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the Queen's Birthday Honours for services to the community...

"Dioceses looking for savings on electricity " The Church will soon be knocking on the door of electricity suppliers to find out what savings they will give for a bulk supply deal...

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"Prayer can be healing", by Lee A few weeks ago, with no car stereo (long story), I was driving to uni overworked, overtired and overstressed when I decided maybe I should sing a calming song rather than thinking about everything that was stressing me...



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