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Sisters head to Rome for canonisation (photo) (13 Oct 2010)
A group of 14 Sisters of Saint Joseph has left Aotearoa New Zealand for Rome to celebrate the canonisation of their foundress, Blessed Mary MacKillop...


Radio NZ. 'Sunday Morning' with Chris Whitta
8:40 Ann Neven - Talking to a Saint
Australia gets its first saint today when Mary MacKillop is canonised. Mary co-founded the order of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, along with the priest Julian Tenison Woods, in 1866 and devoted herself to the education of underprivileged children in both Australia and New Zealand. Chris talks to Sister Ann Neven who’s in Rome with thousands of pilgrims to witness the ceremony

Much owed by NZ to Mary MacKillop - church
The Catholic Church in Auckland says New Zealand owes much to Australia's first Catholic saint, Mother Mary MacKillop. The 19th century nun will be declared Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop in Rome on Sunday.

Saint to be praised (photo)
In the middle of Arrowtown, up a gentle rise away from the shops and meandering tourists, sits a small, yellow stucco building, not quite dwarfed by the adjacent St Patrick's Catholic Church. To pass beyond its bright green door is to enter a humble space book-ended by a colourful statue of Jesus and a life-size mannequin of Mary MacKillop. Yet perhaps more significant to this story is a small metal bell; slightly corroded and seemingly well worn, it sits on a window ledge along with a small note explaining its purpose: "Ring -hourly during recreation to remind sisters to offer prayer and work to God."

Australia's first saint to be canonised this weekend

First Australian saint had Kiwi connection

Shrine marks Remuera's special link to new saint (photo)

Museum to mark Mary sainthood (photo)
The Daily Post (Rotorua)

Nuns celebrate sainthood for 'stirrer'
Mary MacKillop (1842-1909), the co-founder of the Sisters of St Joseph, will be canonised - made a saint - by the Pope in Rome on Sunday. And no one could be more excited than the Sisters of St Joseph here in Whanganui.

Nun to witness canonisation (photo)
Rotorua Review
The Rotorua-based Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart will be represented by Sister Carina Cobb at the canonisation of Mary McKillop by Pope Benedict XVI in Rome on Sunday.

Pope given book by Aussie, NZ kids
Pope Benedict XVI has been presented with a book of drawings, stories and messages from the children of Australia and New Zealand ahead of the canonisation of Australia's first saint Mary MacKillop.



Radio NZ. 'Saturday Morning' with Kim Hill
9:05 Joy Cowley: navigating words
Author of more than 600 titles for children and adults; she tells her own story in 'Navigation: a Memoir' [After 18 minutes: Joy's account of becoming a Catholic]

Active president hands over vibrant society (photo)
Taupo Times
Taupo St Vincent de Paul Society has paid tribute to retiring president Cathy Holten and her efforts which have taken the society from a handful of members to a group of around 20.

‘Racist’ remark hurt Pasifika winners (photo)
An award ceremony host’s remark to a group of Pasifika pupils that ‘‘they can all read and write’’ has sparked anger. The Oceanic Fusion team from St Thomas’s of Canterbury College, made up of mainly Samoan and Tongan pupils, won a regional award in the Young Enterprise Scheme (Yes).

Top-ranked nurse valued for improving health care (photo)
Brenda Brankin was chief nursing officer for the North Canterbury Hospital Board and a former matron of both Burwood and Christchurch hospitals. Brankin retired in 1983 as Canterbury’s top-ranking nurse, after a career spanning 42 years. She then took active roles with a host of health-related organisations. She died last week, aged 86.

Soaring neo-Gothic style set in concrete (photos)
The Dominion Post
It's probably not the award the builders had in mind when they envisioned St Mary of the Angels Church. But the Catholic parish church for Wellington central has just taken this year's Enduring Concrete Award.

Faith in Life: 'Having faith in the future'
Timaru Herald
Fr Peter Costello on calming the storm of anxiety.

Boxing All Black leaves a proud legacy (photo)
Manukau Courier
The final whistle has blown for Maurice James McHugh. Few in south Auckland will have known him; most will never have heard of him. That's becasue the 93-year-old who died on September 25 was from another time.


'BEING FRANK' - New Zealand Catholic blogs

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'Girls in bonnets': Part 2
The centenary of the opening of St Mary's College, Wellington.

'Justice done' - Luke 18: 1-8, a reading and discussion with Violet Kudzotsa and Stephen Ready.



** The Fifteenth Station **

Papal Praise and Santa Sacking (15 October 2010)

The Holy Father's much-anticipated visit to the UK has come and gone. The members of the Station 15 panel offer their thoughts on the trip in this month's episode, and also look at IVF, amendments to the introduction of the new Roman Missal in New Zealand and the plans of some German Catholics to sack Santa Claus. Follow us at or

** Catechiwi **

Catechiwi Special: Australasia's First Saint (11 October 2010)

On October 17, Pope Benedict XVI will canonise Blessed Mary MacKillop, making her St Mary of the Cross (MacKillop). Mary, born and raised in Australia, was a co-founder of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart and spent approximately four years of her religious life in New Zealand. She encountered major obstacles along the way, but responded to them with charity and humility. In a special episode of Catechiwi, Sr Ann Neven, RSJ, speaks with Gavin Abraham on Mary MacKillop's life and legacy just days before the canonisation. It's the story of an Aussie battler -- one who Kiwis can also claim.



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ALL THINGS CATHOLIC, by John L. Allen, Jr.

Sweeps week in Rome

Mid-October in Rome is sort of like sweeps week for American TV, meaning that it’s when everybody rolls out their most compelling programming. There’s always a glut of activity, and this week offered a classic case in point. Some highlights ...



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