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News & Notes - 14 August 2011



** News **

Hutt justice group in school support drive
St Joseph's JPD group has also collected warm clothing, jackets and
shoes with the support of two other Hutt parishes. The response was
beyond all expectations and the generosity of the wider Catholic
community was heartening. When the school was contacted about the
appeal, they were grateful for the support...

Maori chaplaincy appeal
This year will be different from previous years in that we are asking
for donations of money, as well as for guitars, wool, bibles, kapa
haka uniforms, korowai, school and sports uniforms for needy families,
or lengths of material, time and talent – sewing, teaching kapa haka,
making poi, teaching waiata and we also need a waka ama teacher...

Waihopai three face damages suit in court
The three, Dominican Fr Peter Murnane, Adrian Leason and Sam Land,
were acquitted in March 2010 of charges of burglary and wilful damage
to the Waihopai spy base near Blenheim. However, the government is now
suing them for $1.2 million in damages to the cover of one of two
satellite dishes and to the fence...

** Columns **

Verbum Domini Part 2: The Word of God and the Church, BYKieran Fenn fms
There are many scriptural texts that call pastors to responsibility
for the word of God. The prophets, eg Hosea, 'My people perish for a
famine of hearing the word of God'. Jesus' own words, 'You give them
something to eat.' And the cry of the Ethiopian eunuch, 'How can I
understand with no one to show me?' more».

Archbishop's column: Stewardship Institute: Pray Live, by Archbishop John Dew
The last weekend in August will be an important weekend in the life of
the archdiocese. We host our first Stewardship Institute in the hope
and the prayer that this will make a big impact on the way we live the
gospel, on the way we make conscious choices every day to live the
life of a disciple...

Editorial: Somalia and the common good, by Cecily mcNeill
The latest drought in the Horn of Africa has dominated the news in
past weeks with nightly televised film of emaciated people barely
subsisting on parched land. But an analysis reprinted from Guardian
News and Media in the Sunday Star Times on July 24 suggests this
latest of many to hit this region is as preventable as the others have

** Features **

Timor-Leste a nation born and violently reborn as its people struggle
to re-establish themselves
Today the country is thriving with a large international presence
including from the former colonisers, Portugal. Timor-Leste's official
language is now Portuguese and this country has contributed a rich
heritage in its cuisine, legal framework and religion (98 percent of
the population is Catholic)...

Timor-Leste Hope is in teaching them early
There are signs of hope in the mountain villages of Fohorem and
Datorua with many Timorese building new houses, sometimes from cement
blocks they make themselves, sometimes newly thatched traditional
houses with fenced vegetable gardens to stop animals trampling new

Timor-Leste - Martha Gusmao keen to nurture computer skills
Martha Gusmao, 28, is unusual in Timor-Leste. She did not marry in her
early teens. Statistically the average Timorese woman has six and a
half live births...



Family make 'blessed spot' their home (photo)
High Country Community Herald
As a child growing up in communist Romania, Eliana Bantos would sing a
song about a little fish swimming in the Pacific ocean. Now that she
and husband Iulian and daughter Gabriela live in Geraldine, so close
to the Pacific, she remembers the childhood song.

No timeline for church repairs
Repair work is still a while away for the earthquake-damaged St
Joseph's in Temuka with no indication how long it will be until the
church is returned to its original state.

Tim Finn's view is worth the climb (photo)
Tim Finn says he has always loved the story of Cole Porter's suitcase
full of melodies. "Whenever a musical came around he'd start pulling
manuscripts out and tailoring them to fit," the former Split Enz
frontman says.

Nursing became a lifetime vocation
The Press
Nursing was much more than a job for Margaret Darby. It was a calling,
a vocation. She dedicated her life to it.

News of the Schools

Garin College, Nelson: Peasants win spot in rockquest finals again
(includes video)

Garin College, Nelson: Teen gets head start (photo)

Marian College, Christchurch: Marian College to be 'mothballed' for
years (photo)

Roncalli College, Timaru: Roncalli break TBHS hoodoo (photo)

Rosmini College, Auckland: Rosmini and Massey take tough semifinals

Rosmini College, Auckland: Rosmini senior basketballers no walkover
North Shore Times

St Bede's College, Christchurch: Fujita big reason for St Bede's
brilliant run (photo)

St Bede's College, Christchurch: St Bede's in line for grand final

St Joseph's Schools, South Canterbury: First memorial day as a saint

St Joseph's, Picton: Good report for St Joseph's (photo)

St Joseph's, Hamilton: China visit a lesson for head (photo)

St Patrick's School, Tauypo: St Pat's players are on the button (photo

St Patrick's, Taupo: On their bikes (photo caption)

St Peter's college, Gore: Songbird prevails (photo)

St Peter's College, Palmerston North: St Peter's step up with crucial



Help is at hand
Matthew 15:21-28: a reading and commentary by Sr Stephanie Kitching.



15 Minutes with the Bishop: World Youth Day (August 9, 2011)
After talking about pilgrimages in general last week, Bishop Patrick
talks this week about a specific pilgrimage: World Youth Day. Started
by Pope John Paul II and considered one of the late pontiff's great
legacies, this year's World Youth Day will be held in Madrid later
this month. Bishop Patrick talks about the impact of World Youth Day,
his own experiences and upcoming events to celebrate World Youth Day
in his own Diocese of Auckland.

15 Minutes with the Bishop: Pilgrimages (August 1, 2011)
For centuries, Christians have visited holy sites in an attempt to
grow closer to God and to people who lived close to God. From the Holy
Land, where Jesus himself walked, talked, taught and performed
miracles, to places like Lourdes where Our Lady appeared to a young
girl, people have had their lives changed. In this week's episode,
Bishop Patrick talks with Gavin about some of the major pilgrimage
sites around the world, and a few here in New Zealand. He also talks
about the spiritual benefits of making a pilgrimage.


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Liberating the Christian voice in the Arab Spring

On a slow summer day, it might be fun to compose a list of dubious
distinctions for Catholic clerics. No-longer-excommunicated Bishop
Richard Williamson, for instance, might get the prize for most famous
interview ever on Swedish TV. (In 2009, he set off a cause célèbre by
denying that the Nazis used gas chambers). Bishop John Magee of
Cloyne, Ireland, now retired in disgrace for his mishandling of sex
abuse complaints, might claim top honors for creating the biggest mess
in the smallest diocese. At the moment, Bishop Giovanni Martinelli, an
Italian Franciscan who's served as Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli in Libya
since 1985, is flirting with adding his name to that list of unsavory
accomplishments, under the following heading: "Muammar Qaddafi's
favorite guy in a Roman collar" ...



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New Zealand Apostolic Congress on Mercy 26-28 August 2011
St Bede's College, 210 Main North Road, Papanui, Christchurch

New Zealand Catholic Education Convention
8 - 10 August 2012, Wellington Convention Centre
Registration opens on 1 October 2011
Further Details in mid-August.

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