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11 February 2007



In issue no.259, February 11 - 24 2007 ...

Open all hours during Easter? ... Sisters establish health chair ...
Catholic workers share vocation experiences ... Referenda sought on smacking
and family breakdown ... NZ parishes caught by phone scams ... Fr John Moss
dies in UK, aged 82 ... Clergy appointments for Auckland diocese ... Praise
for Parachute ... Hamilton to rally youth ... When in Rome ... Fresh faces
at Catholic schools include several new principals ... TVNZ's Praise Be
funding cut by 10 programmes ... Home's centennial coming ... ERO File

200-plus gather to "bring God back to our world" ... Evangelisation is for
all ... In the clamour for rights, society overlooks duties ... What can I
do to make sure this Lent is grace-filled and blessed? ... Family links seen
at jubilee ... Home of Compassion church, convent restoration celebrated ...
Hamilton's Swiss priest opens Scott Base dinner

Ronald Rolheiser: Loneliness and God's pleasure ... Pope Benedict XVI:
Christ invites followers to Sunday banquet ... Donald Wuerl: "Silence and
ignorance are twin allies of atrocities" ... Editorial: Media quick to
target Benedict ... Malcolm Evans ... Letters ... New image needed for
heaven ... Church declares "high regard" for Muslims

Mataca slams NZ response to coup ... Abortion trends worth celebrating, says
cardinal ... Unity still sought despite Anglican church crisis ... Opus Dei
complains to BBC ... The Pope: Portray beauty, media urged ... Nation's
most-respected son dies JPII skived off for skiing Daily Bible use key, says
Pope Church, government clash over gay adoptions Archbishop calls for
preaching with substance Bishop stands by his people's view JPII thought
about resigning Permanent marriage "the plan of God" Fr Drinan "on the wrong
side" Saints' problems console the Pope In Brief

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Prayer, Feasts, The Doolans, Family Talk, Caption Contest, Who Said?, 40
Years Ago, Dio. Diary, Cryptic Crossword, That Word!, Holy Lives, Kit's
Corner, Wit's End.

Caritas Lenten Appeal 2007



Bride walks across the road, then up the aisle (photo)
Some brides arrive at church in a limousine, others in a horse-drawn
carriage. But Helen Walsh chose a Shanks's pony for her big day. She led her
three bridesmaids and mother from her house in Exeter St to St Philomena's
Catholic Church on Brooklands Rd yesterday afternoon...

'Praise Be' losing funding To 'My God'
The Churches Broadcasting Commission has complained to New Zealand On Air
that the religious programme, Praise Be, is to lose ten episodes this year
to a programme about religions other than Christianity...

Judge's mark on the system
Members of the judiciary and legal fraternity gathered at the High Court in
Lautoka yesterday morning to farewell Justice Daniel Finnigan. Justice
Finnigan arrived in Fiji in 2005 to assist the High Court in Lautoka with
the huge backlog of cases. He returns to New Zealand for retirement...

Priests ride great wave out
Gisborne people have every reason to be proud of their city and all the
amenities available . . . this was the parting message from St Mary Star of
the Sea parish priest Father Gerard Paterson and his assistant Father Yvan

Elderly afraid of being euthanased
A Christian pro-life group claims an increasing number of elderly New
Zealanders are afraid of being euthanased by medical staff...

The Refugee Decisions That Have Catholics Bemused
In the last few days the case of an Iranian granted refugee status due to
his sexual orientation has been in the news. This has caused some
consternation among champions of another Iranian seeking refugee status in
New Zealand Thomas Yadegary...

Upset as gay Iranian wins asylum but Catholic fails
Supporters of a Catholic Iranian man denied asylum in New Zealand say
immigration authorities are hypocritical for letting another Iranian stay
because of his sexuality...



Caritas Lent Appeal 2007
Theme: Our love is to real and active (cf 1 John 3:18)

The Caritas Lent Appeal starts on Ash Wednesday, 21 February 2007, and runs
through to Palm Sunday on 1 April 2007. The Lent Appeal is the annual appeal
for Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand, the Catholic agency for justice, peace and

Resources for the Lent Appeal 2007 on this Website ...

- Parish Resources
- Lent Coordinator Kit
- Lenten Reflection Programme
- International Speakers for Lent
- Schools Resources


WORLD NEWS OF THE CHURCH (Regularly updated)


Analysis and commentary by John R. Allen

Weekly Analysis: Right and left join forces to oppose brave new world of
For some time, the politics of bioethics in the West has fueled deep
ideological polarization between a permissive left and a restrictive right.
That was the dynamic when the front-burner issues were abortion and birth
control, and it's still true of today's most agonizing debates, such as
embryonic stem cell research and end-of-life questions such as those
surrounding the Terry Schiavo case in Florida. But what if we project
forward 10 to 20 years, trying to anticipate what the front-line bioethical
debates will be then? Looking at what's happening in the biological
sciences, such questions may include cloning, life-extension treatments, the
creation of transgenic entities such as chimeras, the use of genetic
technology to "engineer" offspring with desirable intellectual and physical
capacities, and the widespread use of genetically modified foods...

Other articles and commentary:
- Steinfels not 'anti-Catholic,' bishop says
- Austrian bishop says mall owner excommunicated for abortion clinic
- 'Two-thirds world' more involved in overseeing Vatican purse-strings
- Big scoop in Italy: In confessional, priests don't just recite the
- Catholic doctors who back patient's right to die cite Cardinal Martini



[Teaching vacancies in New Zealand Catholic schools are advertised in the
Education Gazette: ]

[Vacancies in Catholic Youth Ministry are advertised on the Job Bank page of
the National Council for Young Catholics: ]

Catholic Diocese of Hamilton. Primary Schools' Religious Education Advisor.
Details in 'NZ Catholic' Jan 28- Feb 10 2007 p.23, and from Catholic
Character Manager, Catholic Diocese of Hamilton, PO Box 4353, Hamilton East.
Applications close 16 February 2007

Project Manager, World Youth Day, Sydney 2008
Details in 'NZ Catholic' Feb 11-24 2007 p.8, at , and from: Mike Hurdle or Catharina Vossen,
MICAH Partners, PO Box 499, Wellington; tel: (04) 499 4749; fax: (04) 499
7375; e-mail: Applications close 16 February

GIFT Centre Administrator,
26-28 Telford Ave., Balmoral, Auckland.
Details in 'NZ Catholic' Jan 28- Feb 10 2007 p.23, and from The
Administrator, tel: (09) 620 9524 ; e-mail:
Applications close 20 February 2007

Senior Catholic Prison Chaplain
Details in 'NZ Catholic Feb 11-24 2007 p.5, and from Anne Dickinson, NZCBC
Office, PO Box 1937, Wellington. Tel.: (04) 496 1747; fax: (04) 496 1746;
e-mail: Applications close 26 February 2007.
Related links:
The Catholic Church in New Zealand. Prison chaplains -
Prison Chaplaincy Service of Aotearoa-New Zealand -

Programme Co-ordinator, Te Ngakau Waiora Mercy Spirituality Centre,
Details in 'NZ Catholic' Feb 11-24 2007 p.23, and from Sister Rita Vessey,
tel: (09) 638 6238; e-mail:

Habitat for Humanity, Greater Auckland. Restore operations manager; Restore
shop assistant manager; Project manager; Part-time accountant
Details in 'NZ Catholic' Feb 11-24 2007 p.23 and from Warren Jack, e-mail:; tel: (09) 271 3357

Family Life International. Bethlehem House Crisis Pregnancy Centre.
Caregivers (full or part-time)
Details in 'NZ Catholic' Jan 28- Feb 10 2007 p.23, and from Colleen, e-mail; tel: (09) 279 2413 or (09) 422 2185